Journal of Planning and Land Management

The Journal of Planning and Land Management (JPLM) is a critically peer-reviewed journal published biannually (May and November) by the Faculty of Planning and Land Management of the Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies(SDDUBIDS).

The Journal seeks to publish articles resulting from original research – with a strong theoretical foundation or thorough empirical bases – in the fields of Land Management, Real Estate, Development Planning, Human Settlements Planning, Community Development, GIS, Development Management and Development Studies. The primary criteria will be that these papers contribute to the advancement of knowledge on planning and land management including urban policy planning, physical planning, rural development, infrastructure planning, land valuation, land administration, local governance, community development, development evaluation, organizational management, environment and livelihood security, social protection, and social policy.

All papers submitted must be in English language and must not be submitted to other publishing houses or be under consideration by any other journal. Original manuscripts published in un-refereed magazines or conference proceedings, thesis, book/paper reviews and research reports may be accepted if they are packaged according to the requirements of the JPLM.

Statistics of JPLM since its inception