Call for papers for Volume 2 Issue 1 of JPLM

Call for Papers for Volume 2 Issue 1

The Journal of Planning and Land Management is currently accepting manuscripts for publication in the following areas:

1) Land Management/Administration

2) Planning and land use

3) Real Estate Management and Real Estate Finance

4) Development Planning

5) Human Settlement Planning

6) Geographic Information System (GIS)

7) Development Policy and Management

8) Development Studies

9) Community Development and Project Planning

10) Project Management and Evaluation

11) Strategic planning and management

Submitted manuscripts will go through a double-blind review before publication. The Journal of Planning and Land Management provides free access to all published articles to our registered members and the general public through our free registration portal.  We are focused on publishing only high-quality manuscripts that make a significant contribution to knowledge in the built environment and on emerging developmental issues. Our major goal is to inform authors on the decision of their manuscripts soon after review, and if a manuscript is accepted, it will be published in the next issue of the journal.

We will be glad if you will give us your support by publishing your manuscripts in this journal. We will ensure that published manuscripts receive all the necessary publicity it requires to be read and cited by the targeted audients.

If you have an interest in publishing with us, be assured that we have an effective editorial team and specialized English proficiency experts to guarantee the quality of your manuscript.

You can read more about the Journal of Planning and Land Management on the official website: https://www.sddubidsjplm.com and be among the authors to publish in Volume 2 Issue 1.

Note: There is a need for all manuscripts submitted to follow the guidelines on manuscript preparation. A failure to do so will slow the review process as papers will be returned to authors to ensure compliance with the guidelines. View the manuscript preparation guide at https://www.sddubidsjplm.com/submission-guidelines/

Manuscripts are accepted from the  15th of July until the 30th of September 2020 for this Second Issue.

If interested please send your papers to editor@sddubidsjplm.com or click https://sddubidsjplm.com/journal/index.php/articles/submission/wizard

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