Elias Danyi Kuusaana

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  • Position: Lecturer and Researcher
  • Department: Real Estate and Land Management
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  • Email: ekuusaana@uds.edu.gh
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Land Tenure, Land Markets, Gender Land Access, Property Taxation, Land Conflicts, Land Policy, Land Registration, Land Use Planning, Land Law, Urban food systems, urbanisation, agro-investments, and land access.
Elias Danyi Kuusaana is a Lecturer in Land Management and Land Tenure at the University for Development Studies, Wa – Ghana where is teaches customary land law, land use planning, land administration, land policy, and compulsory acquisition and compensation. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Science from the University of Bonn, Germany; MSc. in Land Management and Land Tenure from the Technical University of Munich, Germany and BSc. in Land Economy from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana. He has over the years built his competencies around land tenure research and has particularly published on land tenure and gender disparity, land dispute resolutions touching on customary tenure systems with family land resources. He has over 20 peer-reviewed research papers published in top journals including: Land Use Policy, Rural Studies, Resources Policy, Urban Forum, Commonwealth Journal of Local Governance, Journal for Development Studies among others. He is a professional member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors as Valuation and Estate Surveyor since 2016, and an academic affiliate of the African Urban Planning Research Network (AUPRN), Ghana Association of Writers and African Property Tax Initiative (APTI).

  • Member, Ghana Institution of Surveyors  (MGhIS)
  • African Urban Planning Research Network (AUPRN)
  • Ghana Association of Writers