The Journal editor is to indicate the appropriateness of every submitted manuscript and provide preliminary review of every paper. All manuscripts that pass preliminary desktop review are subject to review by at least two anonymous referees knowledgeable in the author’s field of study and who have themselves published on the subject matter or on similar issues. These reviewers ensure the accuracy, contemporary and relevance of papers and their comments aid the Editor-in-Chief in deciding on the acceptability or otherwise of submitted manuscripts.

Based on their comments, authors may be required to make major or minor modifications to their papers before final acceptance. Based on the reviewers’ comments, the paper may be rejected until it is proper restructured and resubmitted for consideration. The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board make the final decision on any paper, irrespective of comments of reviewers. Papers that are already reviewed and accepted with the JPLM are not to be withdrawn unilaterally and submitted to another journal without an appropriate written permission from the Editor-in-Chief.


Journal of Planning and Land Management is an open-access journal and solely financed through processing fees received from authors. Open access journals enable access to research publications for people who cannot afford to pay for journal subscriptions, databases and other sources of scholarly content. Local contributors would pay a processing fee of Ghc 200 upon submission of their manuscripts while International contributors would pay US$ 100.

When a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors would be required to pay Ghc 200 while international authors would pay US$ 100. However, accepting to pay processing fees is not a guarantee that the article will be published. Publication fees are accepted only after a manuscript has been reviewed and accepted for publication.

Please note that these Fees may be revised as and when the need arises. Thank you.