Press Release: Change in Domain name

Dear All,


Due to the Declaration of Wa UDS campus autonomous, we have begun initiating the transfer of our Journal website from UDSJPLM. COM to SDDUBIDSJPLM.COM

Following this, all publications on our previous site would now be transferred to the current one, www.sddubidscom.

The Manuscripts for volume 1 issue two are currently being prepared to be published at www.sddubidsjplm.com.

All communication and correspondence should now be directed to the editor@sddubids.com

Meanwhile, we have initiated the call for papers for the second volume of JPLM.

Kindly check at https://www.sddubidsjplm.com/call-for-papers-for-volume-2-issue-1-of-jplm/ for more information.


Editor, JPLM

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